Bill Fletcher, Jr.
Bill Fletcher Jr. argues that to fight the white republic, we must build the politics of a new majority.
Frontline Dispatches
Red, Black and Green New Deal organizers refuse to accept “green” solutions that cost Black lives.
David A. Love
In the capital of the old Confederacy, Virginia Commonwealth University workers organize for their rights and their community.
Bob Wing
The fight against the white republic is the central democratic and class struggle of our time.
Max Elbaum
The Republican Party has been transformed from a hard right-wing party to a party-for-dictatorship.
David Bacon
“Unions for farmworkers are the first, most basic step to power” – and democratizing the food system will be impossible without them.
Black Work Talk
Understanding racial capitalism helps us go deeper than looking for “disparate impacts” on people of color, says Maurice BP-Weeks.
Max Elbaum
Winning passage of the For the People Act is at the pivot of the progressive agenda. It's urgent, and it can succeed.
Mickey Ellinger and Marcy Rein
Canceling student debt could narrow the racial wealth gap; Black students and their families carry an outsize share of the debt.
Collective Statement
Community groups in Atlanta respond to the murders there – naming the systems, telling the history, framing solutions.
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