Barry Eidlin
To defeat the white republic, we must understand its material basis in capitalist economic relations.
Rebecca Givan
A multi-union coalition at Rutgers University beat New Jersey’s attempt to use the pandemic to impose austerity.
Van Gosse
The white republic has not been a monolith, historian Van Gosse suggests.
Estella Habal and Hilton Obenzinger
Filipino tenants’ fight against eviction sparked an epic housing rights battle in San Francisco. Now a defender of the I-Hotel returns.
Rand Wilson and Peter Olney
Common work is the best tool for building unity among trade unionists and allies in the broad anti-racist front.
Frontline Dispatches
The 2020 uprising brought cuts in the Seattle police budget and steps towards more democratic budget decisions.
Erin Heaney
To build a multiracial movement that can defeat the white republic, we need to call in large numbers of poor white people.
Stephanie Luce
Unions are taking a range of approaches – from educating members to shifting bargaining strategies – to address racial justice.
Gerald Horne
Trying to build class unity in the U.S. without confronting its history of settler colonialism is “left-wing white nationalism.”
Lara Kiswani
“The colonization of Palestine is not permanent, it is not guaranteed,” writes Lara Kiswani: Resistance, solidarity and hope overflow.
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