Aurora Levins Morales
We on the left are not choosing a leader. We’re choosing an opponent.
Stephanie Luce
A network of union leaders and activists have formed Labor Action to Defend Democracy to plan labor actions after November 3
Marcy Rein
Seed the Vote aims to build connections and capacities that will last past November as it takes on the crucial fight to defeat Trump.
The Editors
OrgUp Live in conversation with Thenjiwe McHarris, Maurice Mitchell from the Working Families Party, Cindy Wiesner, a volunteer with the Frontline, and NTanya Lee from LeftRoots.
J. Kirby
True mutual aid is people who have little on their own, who have been failed by larger systems, joining forces with others like them
Peter Hogness and Emily Lee
Defeating Donald Trump is too important to leave up to the Biden campaign.
Luke Elliott-Negri
“Coalition strategy” and “confrontation strategy” are actually components of one thread.
Steve Williams
Our Situational Objective: defeat Trump electorally and halt the advance of the most dangerous forces of Trumpism.
Whitney Maxey and Calvin Cheung-Miaw
Freedom in the Fall will contribute to defeating the right wing while strengthening the socialist wing of the anti-Trump front.,
Alex Riccio
Alex Riccio critiques the strategy proposed in "No Left without the Labor Left" and Jonah Furman responds.
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