Frontline Dispatches
The 2020 uprising brought cuts in the Seattle police budget and steps towards more democratic budget decisions.
Erin Heaney
To build a multiracial movement that can defeat the white republic, we need to call in large numbers of poor white people.
Stephanie Luce
Unions are taking a range of approaches – from educating members to shifting bargaining strategies – to address racial justice.
Lara Kiswani
“The colonization of Palestine is not permanent, it is not guaranteed,” writes Lara Kiswani: Resistance, solidarity and hope overflow.
Jen Disla
We need a long-term strategy to transform society, and authentic relationships among stakeholders to bring about change.
Bill Fletcher, Jr.
Bill Fletcher Jr. argues that to fight the white republic, we must build the politics of a new majority.
Frontline Dispatches
Red, Black and Green New Deal organizers refuse to accept “green” solutions that cost Black lives.
David A. Love
In the capital of the old Confederacy, Virginia Commonwealth University workers organize for their rights and their community.
Bob Wing
The fight against the white republic is the central democratic and class struggle of our time.
David Bacon
“Unions for farmworkers are the first, most basic step to power” – and democratizing the food system will be impossible without them.
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