Judy Atkins and David Cohen
We’ve learned a lot, for example: meetings don’t grow the organization, actions do.
Jonah Furman
We need to build worker power at the workplace if we are going to win anything else that matters to us.
The Editors
Bill Fletcher Jr., Alicia Garza, Claire Sandberg, and Marcus Ferrell on the lessons from Bernie 2020 and the long arc of the Black Political Struggle.
Jacob Denz
Persuading voters on issues is important, but Sanders should have done more to convince them he could win.
Sam Lewis
by Sam Lewis At the moment, the focus of the nation and the left is shifting to the public health and economic crisis sparked by COVID-19. Still, we cannot let an evaluation of Bernie Sanders’ historic campaign slip off our agenda. Here’s my attempt: 1) Bernie went from front runner to extreme long-shot between the […]