Whitney Maxey
Durham for All worked to distinguish—and defend—their politics in a community with ‘a robust spectrum of progressive forces.’
Jon Liss
Strategic questions after Virginia’s elections: How can we sway the Dems, mix voting and direct action, build scale?
Organizing Upgrade
Color Of Change President Rashad Robinson joins OrgUp editors and guests to discuss how to turn the racial justice majority into a governing majority.
Brandon Rey Ramirez
Organizations cannot discount the importance of movement building in achieving governing power.
Julie Chinitz
The Supreme Court is one of our biggest obstacles to democracy. Any left agenda for governing power must address that problem.
Aaron Jamal
Contending for political power on the state level, especially in the South, is critical for winning fights in the short and long term.
James Haslam
James Haslam, executive director of Rights and Democracy (NH + VT), on the organization's recent endorsement of Bernie Sanders as "the movement candidate we need."
Anthony Thigpenn and Jon Liss
Anthony Thigpenn and Jon Liss argue that left organizers must join forces to create state-level united fronts and build electoral and governing power.