Craig Johnson
The right’s assault on CRT aims to control our understanding the past and to shape our future.
Bob Wing
We need a strategic concept that recognizes the breadth of the alliance needed to defeat the Trumpist bloc: a democratic front.
Max Elbaum
The Left’s strategic thinking and degree of coordination have advanced substantially since 2015…but we trail our opponents.
Kim Fellner
How can unions build a sense of shared community interest among members of differing backgrounds and opinions?
Van Gosse
The white republic has not been a monolith, historian Van Gosse suggests.
Labor Action to Defend Democracy assesses its first phase, stands ready for the next.
Rand Wilson and Peter Olney
Common work is the best tool for building unity among trade unionists and allies in the broad anti-racist front.
Hannah Sassaman
Tech tools amplify existing biases and raise new obstacles and questions for organizers
Bill Fletcher, Jr.
Bill Fletcher Jr. argues that to fight the white republic, we must build the politics of a new majority.
Bob Wing
The fight against the white republic is the central democratic and class struggle of our time.
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