Carl Davidson and Bill Fletcher, Jr.
This is a moment where we must initiate a mass campaign of “one person, one vote.”
Organizing Upgrade
Election 2020 hot takes on Vote Stealing and Trump's threat to seize power.
Organizing Upgrade
It's time to focus every bit of election defense work on the push to count every vote.
Marcy Rein
We’re entering a contest around legitimacy. To delegitimize a Trump power-grab, we need the broadest alliance possible.
Max Elbaum
There can be no real progress unless we change the balance of power.
Aurora Levins Morales
We on the left are not choosing a leader. We’re choosing an opponent.
Stephanie Luce
A network of union leaders and activists have formed Labor Action to Defend Democracy to plan labor actions after November 3
Bill Fletcher, Jr.
Trump is the President who wishes to herald the re-emergence of the “white republic,”
Max Elbaum
Inviting this gun-brandishing couple to speak at the RNC is straight out of the Ku Klux Klan playbook in the era of Jim Crow.
Max Elbaum
Our challenge is to incorporate an internationalist vision within every progressive battle, electoral and non-electoral alike.
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