Organizing Upgrade
The Working Families Party and Movement for Black Lives Electoral Justice Project launch a new effort for November and beyond.
Steve Williams
Our Situational Objective: defeat Trump electorally and halt the advance of the most dangerous forces of Trumpism.
Whitney Maxey and Calvin Cheung-Miaw
Freedom in the Fall will contribute to defeating the right wing while strengthening the socialist wing of the anti-Trump front.,
Paul Krehbiel
We need a laser-like focus on getting down to nitty gritty work on five key tasks to defeat Trump, Trumpists and fascist militias.,
Alex Lalama
Linh Dan says, “even though I am a first-time voter, I still have a lot of power, and it counts now more than ever!”
Peter Olney
Imagine NBA stars as poll watchers insuring that Black voters can file into arenas unsuppressed by armed fascists.
David Duhalde
Socialists need to prove we can govern at a local level before voters trust us with higher office.
Marcy Rein
Taking on voter suppression is one piece in a long-term project of building grassroots organization and political power.
Marcy Rein
Grassroots groups rooted in communities of color and low-income communities are rising up against efforts to suppress the vote.
Henry Wortis
If we fail in November, the GOP is determined that we will never be given a second chance.
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