David Bacon
“Unions for farmworkers are the first, most basic step to power” – and democratizing the food system will be impossible without them.
Frontline Dispatches
Passage of the PRO Act could fortify both workers’ rights and working-class power
Black Work Talk
Understanding racial capitalism helps us go deeper than looking for “disparate impacts” on people of color, says Maurice BP-Weeks.
Max Elbaum
Winning passage of the For the People Act is at the pivot of the progressive agenda. It's urgent, and it can succeed.
Mickey Ellinger and Marcy Rein
Canceling student debt could narrow the racial wealth gap; Black students and their families carry an outsize share of the debt.
Julie Chinitz
Having captured the Supreme Court, the right could both whittle away progressive policy wins and reset the background rules.
Collective Statement
Community groups in Atlanta respond to the murders there – naming the systems, telling the history, framing solutions.
Lauren Jacobs
Grace and rigor, solidarity and commitment to training the next generation are all essential for movement leaders.
Rand Wilson and Peter Olney
Unions need to start organizing for 2022 now, forming “ballot brigades” and pressing for the near-term wins that will help move voters.
Jen Disla
Detroit Action Organizing Director Jen Disla says, “Trust and authentic relationships are core to organizing.”
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