Christine Riddiough
RESPONSE FROM CHRISTINE RIDDIOUGH: In his recent article on Left Strategy, Max Elbaum outlines a five point strategic perspective that I would summarize this way: …[B]reak the grip on power of Trump and the white nationalist bloc that is the driving force of the right’s overall anti-democratic and anti-working class agenda. Direct action and street […]
Tobita Chow
In an essay on “Left strategy after Charlottesville”, Max Elbaum makes “an argument for the left to interact with the post-Charlottesville surge of resistance by pursuing a strategy that is anti-right, anti-racist, gender-inclusive, grounded in the interests of the working class and oriented toward working both inside and outside of the Democratic Party.” I am […]
Adam Gold
Since 2016’s devastating election, many on the Left have come to believe that we need to take elections more seriously. Article after article discusses the massive accumulation of political power the far right has achieved in state legislatures, the U.S. Congress, the Supreme Court and of course, now in the White House. We realize that […]
Organizing Upgrade
A radical conversation with Rukia Lumumba, from the campaign to elect visionary and radical Chokwe Antar Lumumba as mayor of Jackson, Mississippi, and Rafael Návar, national political director of Communications Workers of America. Thursday, October 19 8 pm EST / 7 pm CST / 5 pm PST Register here Wondering how we can use elections […]
Organizing Upgrade
In July 2017, twenty state-based organizations from thirteen states united to form the State-Based Power Caucus. These groups have racial justice and class politics. Most have reached a scale of some significance in their states and are members of bigger political alignments or coalitions in their states. Below is the concept paper for the Caucus. […]
Rand Wilson and Peter Olney
Unions that supported Sanders are uniting in the new Labor for Our Revolution network By Rand Wilson and Peter Olney Senator Bernie Sanders’ candidacy for president in 2015-16 opened up new political contradictions in the U.S. labor movement. Unlike other Western democracies where organized labor has had a role in founding social democratic parties of […]
Max Elbaum
“Everything we are seeing stems almost inevitably from the decisions the country made, collectively, last November. We elected a president driven by white racial grievance. That is the fulcrum and driving force of his politics. It’s no surprise that a big outbreak of white supremacist violence would lead us to a moment like this. We […]
Bob Wing
This essay was prepared in March 2015, prior to the 2016 election season that eventually resulted in Donald Trump’s victory. However, the far rightwing’s capture of the presidency makes this essay’s main arguments even more important. The far right, racism, militarism, inequality, and poverty are all centered in the South. The majority of African Americans, […]
  When folks asked me my opinion on gay marriage I was always quick with my half-joking response. I would say: “Well, I hear the right-wing family types going on about how if we allow gay marriage, then we’ll see an end to Western Civilization. That sounds good to me!” I’m kind of glad the […]
Dean Spade and Craig Willse
We must support and expand queer and trans activism centered on racial and economic justice that has never seen marriage as an answer.
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