Jacob Swenson-Lengyel and Jonathan Matthew Smucker
As Trump seeks to undermine the election, what narrative strategies should organizers and communicators use to push back?
Max Elbaum
There can be no real progress unless we change the balance of power.
Aurora Levins Morales
We on the left are not choosing a leader. We’re choosing an opponent.
Stephanie Luce
A network of union leaders and activists have formed Labor Action to Defend Democracy to plan labor actions after November 3
Marcy Rein
Seed the Vote aims to build connections and capacities that will last past November as it takes on the crucial fight to defeat Trump.
Bill Fletcher, Jr.
Trump is the President who wishes to herald the re-emergence of the “white republic,”
Peter Hogness and Emily Lee
Defeating Donald Trump is too important to leave up to the Biden campaign.
Organizing Upgrade
The Working Families Party and Movement for Black Lives Electoral Justice Project launch a new effort for November and beyond.
Steve Williams
Our Situational Objective: defeat Trump electorally and halt the advance of the most dangerous forces of Trumpism.
Whitney Maxey and Calvin Cheung-Miaw
Freedom in the Fall will contribute to defeating the right wing while strengthening the socialist wing of the anti-Trump front.,
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