Dreier lays out a systematic approach that the Sanders campaign could take in the coming period.  Regardless of whether you agree with it or not, the structure and rigor of his argument provide compelling points for future conversation.  1. Between now and the convention, Sanders should fight to the end to get as many delegates as […]
In this piece, Jeff Cohen talks about the possibilities of building progressive power in this period. Good news about the Bernie campaign is that the whole world — including even mainstream media — now knows that there is a loud and proud left in our country. They know exactly where we stand on domestic issues […]
In this article, Conor Kilpatrick provides an interesting rititque of the class condescension of the liberal Democratic elite. The party has established a clear line on the white wage-earning class: they’re all either dying (demographically orliterally), irrelevant in an increasingly nonwhite country, or so hopelessly racist they can go off themselves with a Miller High […]
In this piece, Benjamin McKean provides a fascinating exploration of the relaitonship between populism, racism and identity. He draws on the hopeful examples of Spain and Greece to provide an alternative vision of multiracial left populism. The populism of both George Wallace and the tea party movement rely on racial resentment and anti-immigrant views. Even Sanders can seem indifferent […]
In this piece, Kshama Sawant critiques the proposal that getting behind Hillary is the best way to defeat the Right. Recent polls show widespread discontent with the political establishment in both major parties and the key institutions of American capitalism. In this context, hitching labor and social movements to the Clinton bandwagon would only strengthen the forces […]
This piece outlines some of the challenges that the left needs to take very seriously as we enter the Presidential campiagn: On a range of issues, Mr. Trump seems to be taking a page from the Sanders playbook, expressing a willingness to increase the minimum wage, suggesting that the wealthy may pay higher taxes than […]
This fascinating piece explores the power of radical right-wing candidates in white working class rural communities, showing the much deeper processes at play behind the “trump Effect.” You can read the whole peice at: http://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2016/may/10/patriot-movement-oregon-militias-donald-trump-election-2016
Harmony Goldberg

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This piece first appeared on Waleed Shahid's Medium page here.  The Nation recently published a shorter verion of this piece here: "It's Time for a Tea Party of the Left."  We thought OrgUp readers would benefit from seeing the fuller version, since it's one of the more provocative strategic proposals that has been put forward recently.

Last week, just after winning the Indiana primary, Bernie Sanders vowed to stay in the Democratic presidential race until the last primary, on June 14. “I think we are perpetuating the political revolution by significantly increasing the level of political activity that we're seeing in this country," he said regarding why he won’t drop out of a race that is increasingly unlikely for him to win. This “revolution” grew out of increasing public recognition that the grievances and aspirations of average Americans were being ignored by the political establishment, and Sanders’s ability to attract nearly half of Democratic voters shows that a broad base exists for an independent challenge to the party establishment.

Over the past decade, we’ve also seen large protests erupt in the United States through Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, and movements for immigrant rights and climate justice. But how can this energy translate into electoral power in our rigid two-party system? Progressives might take a page from the inside-outside strategy embraced by the Tea Party.

In this piece, Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor argues for the importance of protest politics and calls on left and progressive activists to remain independent of the Democratic Party. “As the great activist and historian Howard Zinn put it, “What matters most is not who is sitting in the White House, but ‘who is sitting in’—and who is […]
Howie Hawkinds reflects on historic challenges facing left electoral strategies related to the Democratic Party. You can read the full text here at: http://www.counterpunch.org/2016/05/10/safe-states-inside-outside-and-other-liberal-illusions/
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