Harmony Goldberg
Crises present left organizers with grave danger and huge opportunities to make change. How can we best respond? Harmony Goldberg offers strategy lessons from the Grassroots Policy Project team.
The election of Trump has upended US politics. Across the political spectrum, activists and organizations are reckoning with the ascent of authoritarian white nationalism to the White House and the GOP’s headlock on 25 state governments and Congress. All of us feel it: the urgency to think and act in new ways, to expand our […]
Scaffolding for an assessment of the correlation of forces after the battles from Trump’s inauguration through the GOP’s failure to repeal Obamacare, and what the next year may hold in store. Note added April 7: This piece was finalized just before Trump’s air strike in Syria. For updates on that extremely dangerous escalation, see the […]
Harmony Goldberg
The first two weeks of the Trump presidency ought to be engraved in our memories as if in granite. Politics is a blood sport and the far right takes no prisoners – except, apparently, those it intends to torture. The Republican Party has demonstrated for a very, very long time now that it has no […]
In this interview, Judith Stein shares insights into the relationship between race and class in the evolution of the Democratic Party over the last century. You can read the full piece here: https://www.jacobinmag.com/2016/06/white-working-class-new-deal-racism-reagan-democrat
Harmony Goldberg
Organizing Upgrade interviewed Kali Akuno from Cooperation Jackson about the election in June 2016.  What do you think are the dangers and opportunities of the current moment? I think this is a very unique moment. We haven’t seen a political period like this in quite some time.  One thing that sticks out in my mind […]
In this piece, Gary Younge lays out the dual need to fight to defeat Trump and to prepare to challenge Hillary. Even as one votes for Clinton—if she’s the nominee, then no one else is going to be able to stop Trump from taking power—one must prepare to organize against her. If she wins, her […]
In this piece, Kate Aronoff describes the potential of the Bernie Sanders momentum. If the task ahead is to mobilize the broad public — and not just the already existing left — the questions raised above can be replaced by simpler ones: What happens on July 28 when Clinton wins the nomination, leaving those who support […]
Excerpts from a Trump article with Bloomberg Business Week suggest a disturbing trajectory for the Trump campaign: Presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump predicted the Republican Party will become a “worker’s party” under his leadership. “Five, 10 years from now — different party,” Trump said during an interview with Bloomberg Businessweek published Thursday. “You’re going to have a worker’s […]
Dreier lays out a systematic approach that the Sanders campaign could take in the coming period.  Regardless of whether you agree with it or not, the structure and rigor of his argument provide compelling points for future conversation.  1. Between now and the convention, Sanders should fight to the end to get as many delegates as […]
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